Friday, March 26, 2010

Willow's First Project

My heart sank when Willow asked if she could have the scarf I made at a recent workshop taught by Betsy Blumenthal. The very scarf where I hand-dyed the yarn, wove in a collapse weave design and felted. The same scarf that recently won 1st Place at the FABA Alpaca Expo in the Outerwear Category over some very nice sweaters, many other scarves and even an alpaca crocheted bikini! Looking at her hopeful face my only reply was "what if you make your very own scarf? You could select your colors!" I warped her choice yarns...a very soft and fine Italian Merino in bright magenta and a hand-dyed turquoise alpaca. Willow learned the plain weave so quickly that soon she was teaching her friend, Aly how to do it. They were adorable with each pushing separate treadles and taking turns throwing the shuttle. I had never seen duet weaving before! Meanwhile, Rex is having a large stainless steel utility sink installed on the patio, complete with hot and cold water for felting! The scarf is off the loom and ready for felting...although the weatherman says it is finally going to warm up!

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