Saturday, May 7, 2011

First Things First....

Moving is stressful. Make it a 3500 mile move and I think you can multiply the stress. Alas, we all made it safely. Bear was amazingly well behaved...Huey, too! Rex was a trooper when the chips were down. It is all a distant memory by now, as we explore our new and strangely foreign surroundings. San Juan Island,WA is a magical place and our cabin and property is very special. Since arriving, we've seen deer nearly every day...we have a resident bald eagle that visits our highest tree. We have seen loads of Canadian geese, a red fox (simply gorgeous) and some little grouse-type bird with blue fans on top of their heads. There is so much exploring to do we hardly know where to begin. We have been to the beach and I've started a new rock collection, we started to uncover the raised limestone gardens which are overgrown by blackberry brambles. I'm happy to report that my fiber art didn't miss a beat. The best way to handle the stress of moving? GET SPUN! My second day here the weather was simply amazing so I sat on the cabin porch with my wheel and spun up some very colorful art yarn. I enjoyed it so much I made another skein soon after. Look for new postings on Etsy and Ralvery very soon.

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