Friday, September 2, 2011

Summer's End

Songs and poems have been written about it, movies have been produced about it. The end of summer is such a bittersweet time. Last night as I was driving to the final Art Market in downtown Friday Harbor I had a feeling of melancholy..."why does it have to end?" I asked myself. It was the final Thursday night Art Market and after four weeks,I was beginning to really enjoy this little island event. For the past 16 years in Florida I had forgotten what "change of season" really is. I'm now reminded that it's a chance to shift thinking, clean closets, and start new ventures. It's a cycle of life...for nature and humans. Part of me wants to collect firewood and the other part wants to wear sandals just a bit longer. The cooler nights bring thoughts of wood fires and snugly clothing...hey, maybe North westerners will be open to the idea of my woolys now. All Summer I have been told at shows that they just are not ready to think about this. Again, I had forgotten how the change of seasons affect people. Summer is so short here...the message is to live in the season! But for now I shall continue spinning and felting in anticipation of the cool breezes coming our way.

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